19mm Polyester Bale Strapping(19mm*400m)

19mm Polyester Bale Strapping(19mm*400m)

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A Polyester Bale Strapping is a durable and strong material used to secure and bundle recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic, and other waste materials. It is commonly used in baling machines to tightly compress and secure the materials for easier storage, transportation, and recycling. The Polyester Bale Strapping is typically made of materials such as polyester, polypropylene, or steel, and comes in various widths and strengths to accommodate different baling press machines and materials. It plays a crucial role in the efficient and safe handling of recyclable materials in waste management and recycling facilities.


19mm Polyester Bale Strapping


The Polyester Bale Strapping is a key feature of our baling press machines. Our high-quality straps are designed to securely and efficiently hold bales in place during the baling process. Made from durable materials, our straps are able to withstand the high pressure and tension of baling, ensuring the safety and stability of the bales. With their reliable performance and long-lasting durability, our Polyester Bale Strappings are an essential component for any baling operation.

Strength and elasticity.

●Being able to maintain tension for a long time is important in long-term storage and transportation.

●Resistance to impact loads.

●Carefully secure the goods to avoid damage to the packaged goods.

●Maintain quality in harsh weather conditions and environments.

●No rust.

●Chemical resistance.

●Unlike steel strips, they are safe.


The application of Polyester Bale Strapping is an essential aspect of the waste management industry. It is used to compress and bind materials, such as cardboard, plastics, and textiles, into compact bales for easy transportation and storage. The use of a high-quality baling press strap ensures the durability and reliability of the bales, preventing them from breaking apart during handling and preventing material loss. Proper training and maintenance of the baling press and strap are crucial to ensure safe and efficient operation. 

19mm Polyester Bale Strappingbaling strapping.jpg19mm Polyester Bale Strapping

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