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BSTSTRAP was established in 2009, and it is the earliest domestic manufacturer of packing materials and machineries such as polyester bale strapping,composite strap, woven strapping, wire buckle, forged buckle, strap tensioner, and strap dispenser, etc.

With its constant development and expansion, BSTSTRAP introduces advanced production technology, and continues to increase investment in hardware facilities, like machineries. Its product range develops from simple product to more complete product line, causing its packing materials applicable to all walks of life. BSTSTRAP focus on logistics package solutions, so as to boost the commerce flow within wider range and regions. Customer’s satisfaction about packaging is our eternal creed.


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BSTSTRAP has always been engaged in solving logistics packaging problems and supplying packaging safety consumables.


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BSTSTRAP has always been engaged in solving logistics packaging problems and supplying packaging safety consumables. We have built a large loyal customer base around the world.

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